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One of the unique pleasures of being in the craft beer business is the spirit of cooperation among brewers. There are lots of intangible reasons, such as the friendships, camaraderie, and the informal exchanges of tips on life as well as beer.

There are economic and political reasons why no brewery, from the smallest to the largest, should hesitate to become part of the collective voice of Idaho Brewers United. Consider these...
·         We learn from each other:   Tips on successful and unsuccessful business moves, references to vendors, lenders, contractors, resources in the industry are shared.  The guild presents opportunities to “pay it forward” and “pay it back” in terms of helping others grow.
·         We maintain a higher standard for product and business practices.  We can have honest conversations about quality among trusted colleagues.  When the quality of beer increases, so do our bottom lines.
·         There is strength in numbers:  The more voices, the better chance of getting heard.  This is especially true with influences on laws and regulations.  Together we can achieve more.

and finally…
·         We are the future of Idaho’s craft beer reputation.  IBU is our opportunity to elevate our craft and help us all prosper.

Associated Businesses:

Associate memberships help build a community in the craft beer industry across the state of Idaho and beyond.  Benefits to membership include visibility, access to IBU events, marketing and networking opportunities, and interactions with Idaho brewers.  Show your committed support of craft brewers and join Idaho Brewers United today!


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