How to Celebrate Idaho Craft Beer Month

April is Idaho Craft Beer Month! How can you celebrate beyond drinking an Idaho craft beer? Lots of ways! We started a list to help you get started. Add how you're celebrating in the comments! 

  • Visit an Idaho brewery!
  • Introduce a friend to your favorite Idaho beer
  • Go to an event based around Idaho craft beer. Check out the calendar here!  
  • Visit a brewery you have never been to
  • Ask for an Idaho beer when dining out 
  • Learn about Idaho's beer history and read the Idaho Beer Book!
  • Purchase a six pack or 22oz bottle during your next shopping trip
  • Fill up a growler of Idaho beer at a filling station or brewery
  • Try an Idaho beer you have never had before 
  • Host a bottle share of Idaho beers you have been cellaring
  • If you're traveling around Idaho, look for a local brewery to visit
  • Ride your bike or walk to the nearest Idaho brewery 
  • Try cooking with beer. has great recipes
  • Try the Brewers Nuts from City Peanut Shop